Meet the Haddens

Harry and Judy Hadden raise Scottish Highland cattle on their 200 acre Sassafras Springs Farm in eastern Kentucky. Their cattle are grass-fed and grass-finished with no growth hormones or antibiotics and are watered by naturally occurring and flowing springs found on their beautiful acreage.

Scottish Highland cattle are one of the oldest breeds, dating back hundreds of years. They originated on the West Coastal islands of Scotland where the very cold and snowy winds helped create this hardy, versatile breed.  These cattle are slow growing and slow to mature, therefore the breed makes for a very tender and flavorful beef which is naturally lean. To read more on the Scottish Highland cattle, please check out this article from Mother Earth News:"Highland Cattle: Heritage Livestock Breeds"

Part of the attraction to this heritage breed is that they are known to be disease resistant and that they do well on grass. The Scottish Highland cattle are a docile breed and are very smart.

“We have truly fallen in love with this breed. They are so docile, it allows us to walk around in the field with them." -Judy Hadden